On September 9, 2010, our pipeline ruptured in San Bruno, and the following explosion and fire killed eight people and devastated a community. PG&E was convicted in federal court of six felony charges, including violation of federal pipeline safety laws and obstructing an NTSB investigation.

As part of the sentencing, the company was ordered to pay a $3 million criminal fine, was placed under the supervision of an outside monitor and was given five years probation. PG&E is also required to perform 10,000 hours of community service, including a requirement that 2,000 of those hours be performed by high-level executives. Federal investigators reported that the explosion occurred when a faulty weld ruptured along a section of pipeline installed in 1956 in San Bruno, California.

PG&E failed. We failed the families and community of San Bruno. For this, we are deeply sorry and we’re working every day to make PG&E the safest energy company in the nation.